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Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping

Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping

Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping is the best provider of tree services in Vienna, Virginia. We have several tree service experts on our team to work with you to help you decide what tree services you need. We know that everyone’s situation is different, and we always personalize our Vienna tree services to suit our customer’s needs. We handle all tree services, including tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, insect and disease treatment, landscaping and more. Our Vienna tree service contractors provide all of our tree services efficiently and professionally. Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping is bonded and insured to protect our customers. 

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Tree Services We Offer:

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming will make your trees beautiful assets.

Tree Removal

Safe tree removals without collateral damage. 

Stump Removal

Stumps are ugly. Make use of your stumpy space.

Land Clearing

Light & heavy land clearing, site preparation & grading services.

Residential Services

We have special equipment to fit the tightest spaces and reach the tallest trees.

Commercial Services

Commercial sized tree care maintenance contracts. The bigger the better.

Certified Arborist

A tree scientist – Yes, it’s a real thing and no he’s not scared to cut down a tree.




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Tree Trimming Services in Vienna

Tree trimming services in Vienna is our most popular service as most people have their trees trimmed for safety or aesthetic reasons. Our tree trimmers in Vienna can trim trees via bucket trucks and we can also climb trees which allows us to trim any tree in any location! Trees can sometimes interfere with power lines or become too large to fit your yard’s aesthetic but there are other good reasons for trimming trees, such as increasing the amount of light the tree receives or to remove dead branches. Whatever your reasons for pruning your trees, it’s essential to remember that every cut affects the tree’s health and may not always be for the better. Pruning the wrong way or at the wrong time of year can hurt trees by slowing growth and reducing energy reserves.  We’re one of the experienced tree trimming companies in Vienna that knows and understands exactly how to trim your trees to keep them healthy and strong.  

The best way to safely trim your trees while preserving their health is to have a tree service company help you decide what’s best for your trees. They can help you determine how the tree trimming should be done to suit your needs while preserving the trees!

With careful tree trimming, the health of your trees can not only be preserved but even improved. Proper trimming can help balance the tree to prevent damage from wind, rain, and iceBranches that are growing into the shade, or beginning to suffer from fungus can be cut to help the trees ability to sprout healthy new shoots 

At Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping, our tree service experts provide the best tree trimming services in Vienna. Our tree trimming experts carefully study each tree to determine its size and condition as well as whether it has any diseases or pests. Then, with these things in mind, the tree trimmers decide where any cuts should be made. 

Tree Removal

Tree removals are generally performed for safety reasons. Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping provides affordable & safe tree removal services in Vienna for any tree in any location.  Dead trees can pose a significant danger to the houses around them and may need to be removed. Sometimes trees grow so large that they block the light from reaching other plants in the yard and should be removed to ensure the health of these other plants. Trees may also need to be removed to allow for construction. 

Whatever the reason for removing a tree, it’s a dangerous job and needs to be done very carefully by a tree removal expert. Tree removal will typically require heavy machinery and knowledge of proper cabling and safety. This is a job that needs to be done very carefully by a tree removal expert. 

As one of the best tree removal companies in Vienna, we take safety very seriously! Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping has the expertise necessary for tree removals, even in confined spaces involving nearby houses or power lines plus you’ll never need to worry about us leaving a mess. Our company tries to limit any impact to the area around the tree. We also use track mats to prevent lawn damage when using heavy machinery. We always clean the area when we’re done and can either mulch or cover the field with sod afterward. We can also leave the area bare for construction or other reasons if you choose. For high-quality tree removal services in Vienna, call us today!

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Tree removal generally leaves an annoying stump behind but most tree service companies in Vienna provide stump grinding services too. Stump grinding is the most common way to deal with tree stumps and with this method the stump is ground away until completely gone. With our stump grinding and stump removal services in Vienna, our stump grinders can take down the stump to below the existing grade and you’ll never know a stump was previously there. We can also grind down surface roots down to below grade or remove the roots altogether. As a stump grinding company in Vienna, we’re equipped to grind and remove any number of stumps no matter the size. 

If you choose to remove the stump, the trunk and roots will be removed too. If the tree was large, removal might require the use of heavy equipment. The roots of a large tree can extend through a large share of the typical yard, which means the removal may rip up much of your yard. Stump removal is generally used when a site is being cleared for building or significant landscaping work is desired but sometimes you just want the darn stump removed!

Stump grinding and stump removal require great care. If you choose Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping, we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly. As a part of this process, we take specific steps. We arrange to have any underground utility lines marked if we’re removing the stump so that we can avoid these. We also ask that you tell us about any irrigation lines so that we can avoid these as well.  

Once the stump is removed, we can stop here and leave the roots, but for the health of your lawn we recommend removing your tree roots. This removal is necessary for having construction completed, but the health of your lawn will be impacted by leaving the rotting roots as well. These roots release toxins that harm grass and other plant life. Removing your roots will involve removing considerable soil from the bed of your lawn. If you wish, we can leave the lawn at a lower level, and then place sod to leave your yard looking good quickly. Alternatively, we can use the stump grinding debris from the tree to fill most of the hole, place sawdust on top of this, and finally, place a layer of soil. The sawdust will rot, leaving a fertile ground for plants to grow. This option will take a little more time and work but can leave the level of your lawn customized. 

Insect and Disease Control Services for Trees

If you have a problem with pests or diseases in your trees, you need to deal with it quickly to try and limit the damage. If the tree becomes significantly damaged, it could be a safety threat and might need to be removed. 

There are a number of common tree diseases that can harm your trees and many tree service companies in Vienna, Virginia can help deal with this issue.  

At Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping, we have over a decade of experience in this area! Some of the more common tree diseases are Diplodia Tip BlightDothistroma Needle Blightcanker diseasesand Fire Blight. We treat all these common tree diseases in Vienna as part of our tree services. 

  • Diplodia Tip Blight: It causes new growth to first turn yellow then brown before dying. At Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping, we deal with this disease by first removing any infected cones and tips as well as all dead and dying branches. In the spring, we apply a fungicide. 
  • Dothistroma Needle Blight: This disease causes reddishbrown spots and bands to form on the pine needleDothistroma Needle Blight is quite severe, and can kill the tree. Our company uses fungicide to try to control this disease but it cannot be cured. We use the fungicide over a number of seasons to try to increase the trees lifespan. 
  • Canker DiseasesCanker diseases occur when a fungal or bacterial pathogen enters a tree after it’s wounded. The disease blocks parts of the treevascular system stopping the tree from receiving nutrients and can eventually cause the tree to die. Our company treats this disease by removing any of the diseased branches. 
  • Fire BlightThis disease causes tree branches to look burnt and their leaves to turn black. We treat Fire Blight by removing all infested branches and cutting out any infected wood. 

Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping also treats pest infestations in trees. We work with you to preserve your trees while trying not to harm insects that help the environment. One way we do this is by trying to improve your trees health so that it can resist insects. Our tree service experts create an individualized plan to treat your trees as part of our companyextensive tree servicesSometimes this plan involves chemicals, although we try to limit this when possible. We deal with several common types of pests in Vienna 

  • Japanese Beetles: These tree bugs can quickly defoliate trees 
  • Eastern Tent Caterpillars: These bugs form nests in trees that look like spider webs. Like Japanese Beetles, they defoliate your trees. 
  • Spider Mites: Spider mites are difficult to see and they reproduce quickly allowing them to harm your trees before you even know you have them. 
  • Aphids: Aphids feed on tree sap and are quite common in Vienna, Virginia, and are one of the most destructive tree bugs.  

All of these tree bugs can be found in Vienna and all cause significant damage to your trees. It’s best to be on the lookout for these bugs and call one of the many tree service companies in Vienna to help if you see them. As always, Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping would be glad to help you with any tree problems! 

Landscaping Services

At Vienna Tree Removal & Landscaping, we want to help you to achieve the yard of your dreams! Our landscaping workers in Vienna are ready to talk with you to figure out how we can design the lawn of your dreams. In addition to tree removal and transplanting, we offer ground releveling, retaining wall installation, mulching, sod installation, grass installation, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, and many other landscaping services. We can help you with just about anything you need to beautify your lawn so call us today and see what our Vienna landscaping contractors can do for you!


Our Vienna tree transplanting services use the latest equipment to transplant your trees! Most tree removal companies will only move small trees and lack the specialized equipment to make the job fast and easy with minimal damage to your lawn. Our Vienna tree transplanting experts use mounted tree spades to remove your tree quickly without unnecessary digging and lawn damage, and with track mats, you don’t have to worry about tire marks or lawn compacting. Our Vienna service contractors can move your tree fast and plant it right! We’ll assess the soil where you want your tree placed and advise you whether the conditions are right. We can transplant soil or clear vegetation to move your tree and if it’s impossible to place the tree where you had intended, we can help you to choose a new location that will work. No need to worry about your tree’s health after it has been transplanted!

Emergency Tree Damage

Trees make a beautiful addition to your lawn but when a storm causes damage or collapsed limbs, they can become a hazard that requires your immediate attention. Thunderstorms can uproot trees, causing them to be a danger to life and property and winter temperatures can freeze pockets of water, leaving branches ready to fall. Often collapsing branches can break power lines or cause structural damage to your home or business. Don’t try to solve these problems yourself! These situations require an experienced tree service professional to remove the branches or the entire tree without causing damage to surrounding property. Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping has the experience and equipment to safely remove trees and branches without risk to life and property!

Emergency Tree Preparation

If you have reason to believe your trees structure may be at risk of collapse, you must have a tree service expert check it soon. Signs your tree may be at risk include cracking along the trunk and strong or growing leaning. Call us before the next storm, and we may be able to preserve your tree. Unlike most tree companies in Vienna, our certified tree experts can install tree cabling systems and trim your tree to prevent collapse. With a dynamic cabling system, your tree can retain its natural beauty without unsightly cables!

Emergency Tree Removal

When a Vienna emergency tree service is needed, day or night, contact us!  

Sometimes an emergency tree service is required as a preventative measure. If you notice your tree is leaning or cracked after a storm, you need a professional to determine if it’s safe or needs trimming or removal. Emergency tree trimming or removal, even when collapse has not occurred, is something you should leave to a professional tree trimming expertA sudden collapse can be unpredictable and dangerous, and homeowners insurance will typically pay for emergency tree maintenance. So, if you need professional emergency tree removal, call the number 1 certified tree removal company in Vienna! We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency tree services. 

Land and Lot Clearing

Are you looking to clear a lot, make space in your yard, or maybe you want to prepare your land to build on? No matter the reason, Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping has you covered. No matter the size of your project, you can depend on us to clear your land by your deadline! Your property can be transformed in a matter of hours, from forest to a clear lot. Our Vienna land clearing services can clear land no matter the terrain, whether it is a steep hill or a flat plain. 

Our land clearing process consists of clearing trees and brush from your property and preventing them from coming back. This service requires removing the root systems as well as clearing the surface. To do this, our Vienna tree service contractors use a site preparation tractor to mulch the surface down to about 4″. This preparation is followed by excavators that selectively dig up the remaining root systems. From here, we can either mulch the remaining debris and leave you with rich fertile soil, or haul the remains for disposal. We’ll also remove any rocks or bushes, leaving you with a clear lot ready for construction or landscaping. No other tree removal company in Vienna will do more to handle the process from start to finish; Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping will work with you to make the process easy and stress-free. 

As part of our land clearing service, Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping will also provide ground leveling services for construction or soil drainage control. We specialize in land clearing projects throughout Vienna, including mulchingdigging, logging, and light gradingWe handle every step of preparing your land from start to finishOur range of Vienna land clearing services means you can use a single contractor for all of the work necessary to prepare your site, and this will save you time and money. Call Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping today for all of your land clearing and landscaping needs!



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